Asok Kumar, PhD

Asok Kumar, PhD

Director, Microscopy Core Facility
Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research

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1978 MS (Zoology), Gujarat University
1974 PhD (Science), Gujarat University and AIIMS
Title of Thesis: Ultrastructural and Biochemical studies on Postnatal development of male rats with special reference to epididymis and vas deferens.
Postdoctoral Training
1989-1991 Population Council, Rockefeller University, New York, NY
1982-1989 Institute for Research in Reproduction (ICMR), Bombay, India
Teaching Experience
Experience in Teaching Cell Structure, Electron Microscopic Techniques, Animal Physiology and Reproductive Endocrinology for Graduate students in India.

Awards and Honors

Junior Research Fellowship (1978- 1980) University Grants Commission, New Delhi, India.
Senior research Fellowship (1980-1982) University Grants Commission New Delhi, India.
World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Post Doctoral Research Training Grant (1989-1991).

Training in Electron Microscopy

Undergone Basic Training in Electron Microscopy at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India. June 1979-October 1979.

Additional Training in Electron Microscopy received during Ph.D. Program while conducting research.  October 1979-November 1982.

Advanced Training (Post Doctoral Training) in Electron Microscopy at Phillips Application Laboratory in the Netherlands involving Electron Optics, Operation, Maintenance, and Application of Transmission microscopy in biomedical research. November 1984- December 1984.

Advanced Training in Scanning Electron Microscopy involving Electron Optics Operation, and Maintenance was undertaken at Institute for Medical Physics, Muster, Germany. December 1984- January 1985.

Professional Experience

1982-1989:  Research Officer at the National Institute for Research in Reproduction, Bombay.  I was responsible for research support, daily management, operation, and maintenance including the training in Electronmicroscopy laboratory that have: Transmission Electron Microscope (Phillips 400T), Scanning Electron Microscope (Phillips SEM505), Freeze Fracture Equipment, and other ancillary preparatory equipment for the Electron Microscopy.

1989-1991:  WHO Research training  Grant Post-Doctoral Fellow at Rockefeller University, New York.  I was involved in research activities with extensive use of both Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscope.   Studied Spermiation and spermaturation process using both scanning and transmission electron microscopic techniques.

1991-2001: Electronmicroscopist/ Faculty : NYU Medical Center is a major primary care provider and research center.  I provide Transmission Electron Microscopy support to the diagnosis as well as training in Electronmicroscopy.  Pathology department carries out approximately 400 tumor cases and 300-350 renal biopsy specimens for Electron microscopy evaluation I am also extensively involved in several research activities requiring various Immunoelectron microscopic techniques.  Structural alterations in liver cell cytoplasm of chimpanzees infected with Hepatitis have been studied in my laboratory.  I have evaluated over 1800 liver biopsy specimens from monkeys undergoing hepatitis vaccine testing by routine electronmicroscopy.  I have provided complete EM evaluation of these specimens, which included embedding, ultra-thin sectioning, photography, and diagnosis, based on electronmicroscopic observations.  I am also in charge of the routine maintenance of the Electronmicroscopy facility. Currently the main focus is on neuropathologic studies of human and animal brain lesion associated with neuro-degenerative diseases.

2001- Present:  Director, Microscopy Core Facility, Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research.