Publications for Panaiyur Mohan, PhD

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Original Publications

  1. Schwagerl AL, Mohan PS, Cataldo AM., Vonsattel JP, Kowall NW, and Nixon, RA: Elevated levels of the endosomal-lysosomal proteinase cathepsin D in cerebrospinal fluid in Alzheimer disease.  J. Neurochem. 64:443-446,1995. PMID: 7798944 Click for abstract
  2. Cressman CM, Mohan PS, Nixon RA, and Shea TB. Proteolysis of protein kinase C: mM and uM calcium requiring calpains have different abilities to generate, and degrade the free catalytic subunit, protein kinase M. FEBS Lett. 367:223-227, 1995. PMID: 7607311 Click for abstract
  3. Compaine A, Schein JD, Tabb JS, Mohan PS, and Nixon RA: Limited proteolytic processing of the mature form of Cathepsin D in human and mouse brain: Postmortem stability of enzyme structure.  Neurochemistry International. 27:385-396, 1995. PMID: 8845739 Click for abstract
  4. Mohan P.S. and Nixon RA:  Purification and properties of high molecular weight calpastatin from bovine brain. J.Neurochem. 64:859-866, 1995. PMID: 7830080 Click for abstract
  5. Grynspan F, Griffin WB, Mohan PS, Shea TB, and Nixon RA: Calpains and Calpastatin in SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cells During Retinoic acid-Induced Differentiation and Neurite outgrowth: Comparison with the Human Brain Calpain System.  J. Neurosci.  Res. 48:181-191,1997. PMID: 9160241 Click for abstract
  6. Wang KKW, Rand P, Nadimpalli R, Nath R, Mohan P, Nixon RA, et al.   Caspase-mediated fragmentation of calpain inhibitor protein calpastatin during apoptosis. Arch. Biochem. Biophys 356:187-196, 1998.PMID: 9705209 Click for abstract
  7. Adamec, E., Mohan, P.S., Cataldo, A.M., Vonsattel, J.P., Nixon, R.A. Up-regulation of the lysosomal system in experimental models of neuronal injury: Implications for Alzheimer’s disease. Neuroscience. 100: 663-675, 2000. PMID: 11098128 Click for abstract
  8. Sanchez, I., Hassinger, L., Sihag, R.K., Cleveland, D., Mohan, P., Nixon, R.A. Local control of neurofilament accumulation during radial growth of myelinating axons in vivo: Selective role of site specific phosphorylation. Journal of Cell Biology. 151: 1013-1024, 2000. Full text available:
  9. Rao MV, Engle LJ, Mohan P, Qiu D, Cataldo AM, Hassinger L, Yuan A, Lee V M-Y, Andreadia A, Bridgman P, Nixon RA: Myosin Va, binding to neurofilaments is essential for correct myosinVa distribution and transport and neurofilament density.  Journal of Cell Biology. 159:279-289, 2002. 
  10.   Adamec, E., Mohan, P., Vonsattel, J.P. and Nixon, R.A.  Calpain activation in neurodegenerative diseases. Confocal immunofluorescence study with antibodies specifically recognizing the active form of calpain II. Acta Neuropathologica 104:92-104, 2002. PMID: 12070670 Click for abstract
  11. Veeranna, Kaji,T., Boland, B., Odrljin, T., Mohan, P., Basavarajappa, B., Peterhoff, C., Cataldo, A., Rudnicki, A., Amin, N., Li, B.J., Pant, H.C., Hungund, B. L., Arancio, O., and Nixon, R.A. Calpain mediates calcium induced actvation of the ERK1,2 MAPK pathway and cytoskeletal phosphorylation in neurons: Relevance to Alzheimer’s disease. American Journal of Pathology, 165:795-805, 2004. Full text available:
  12. Yu WH, Cuervo AM, Kumar A, Peterhoff CM, Schmidt SD, Lee JH, Mohan PS, Mercken M, Farmery MR, Tjernberg LO, Jiang Y, Duff K, Uchiyama Y, Näslund J, Mathews PM, Cataldo AM, Nixon RA. Macroautophagy--a novel Beta-amyloid peptide-generating pathway activated in Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Cell Biology. 171: 87-98, 2005. Full text available:
  13. Vadasz C, Smiley JF, Figarsky K, Saito M, Toth R, Gyetvai BM, Oros M, Kovacs KK,  Mohan P and Wang R. Mesencephalic dopamine neuron number and tyrosine hydroxylase content: Genetic control and candidate genes. Neuroscience, 149: 561-572, 2007. Full text available:
  14. Rao MV, Mohan PS, Peterhoff  CM , Yang DS, Schmidt SD, Stavrides PH, Campbell  J,  Chen Y, Jiang Y, Paskevich PA, Cataldo AM,  Haroutunian V, Nixon  RA. Marked calpastatin(CAST) depletion in Alzheimer’s disease accelerates cytoskeleton disruption and neurodegeneration: neuroprotection by CAST overexpression. J Neuroscince  28:12241-12254, 2008. Full text available:
  15. Tizon B, Sahoo S, Yu H, Gauthier S, Kumar AR, Mohan P, Figliola M, Pawlik M, Grubb A, Uchiyama Y, Bandyopadhyay U, Cuervo AM, Nixon RA, Levy E. Induction of autophagy by cystatin C: a mechanism that protects murine primary cortical neurons and neuronal cell lines. PLos One 5: e9819, 2010. Full text available:
  16. Lee JH, Yu WH, Kumar A, Lee S, Mohan PS, Peterhoff CM, Wolfe DM, Martinez-Vicente M, Massey AC, Sovak G, Uchiyama Y, Westaway D, Cuervo AM, Nixon RA. Lysosomal proteolysis and autophagy require presenilin 1 and are disrupted by Alzheimer-related PS1 mutations. Cell 141, 1146-1158, 2010. PMID: 20541250 Click for abstract
  17. Mala V. Rao, Panaiyur S. Mohan, Asok Kumar, Aidong Yuan, Lee Montagna, Jabbar Campbell, Veeranna, Enilza M. Espreafico, Jean P. Julien, Ralph A. Nixon.The myosin Va head domain binds to the neurofilament-L rod and modulates endoplasmic reticulum (ER) content and distribution within axons.  PLos One 6:e17087, 2011. Full text available:
  18. Yang DS, Stavrides P, Mohan PS, Kaushik S, Kumar A, Ohno M, Schmidt SD, Wesson D, Bandyopadhyay U, Jiang Y, Pawlik M, Peterhoff CM, Yang AJ, Wilson DA, St George-Hyslop P, Westaway D, Mathews PM, Levy E, Cuervo AM, Nixon RA. Reversal of autophagy dysfunction in the TgCRND8 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease ameliorates amyloid pathologies and memory deficits.  Brain: 134:258-77, 2011. Full text available:
  19. Yang DS, Stavrides P, Mohan PS, Kaushik S, Kumar A, Ohno M, Schmidt SD, Wesson D, Bandyopadhyay U, Jiang Y, Pawlik M, Peterhoff CM, Yang AJ, Wilson DA, St George-Hyslop P, Westaway D, Mathews PM, Levy E, Cuervo AM, Nixon RA. Therapeutic effects of remediating autophagy failure in a mouse model of Alzheimer disease by enhancing lysosomal proteolysis. Autophagy: 7(7): 788-9, 2011. PMID: 21464620 PMCID: PMC3359468 Click for abstract Full text available:
  20. Kaur G, Mohan P, Pawlik M, DeRosa S, Fajiculay J, Che S, Grubb A, Ginsberg SD, Nioxn RA, Levy E. Cystatin C rescues degenerating neurons in a cystatin B-knockout mouse model of progressive myoclonus epilepsy. Am. J. Pathol.: 177, 2256-2267. 2011 Full text available:
  21. Subbanna S, Shivakumar M, Umapathy NS, Saito M, Mohan PS, Kumar A, Nixon RA, Verin AD, Psychoyos D, Basavarajappa BS. G9a-mediated histone methylation regulates ethanol-induced neurodegeneration in the neonatal mouse brain. Neurobiol Dis, 2013, 54:475-85. PMID:23396011 / PMCID: PMC3656439 [Available 2014/6/1] Click for abstract

Recent Abstracts

  1. Mohan, P.S. and Nixon, R. A. (1996) Calpain activation and calpastatin processing in cultured human retinoblastoma (Y-79) cells. Soc.Neurosci.Abstr. 22:1918.
  2. Nixon RA, Cataldo AM, Mathews PM, Mohan P. (1997) Protease and Alzheimer's: What they may tell us about pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment.  Tenth Annual New York State Office of Mental Health Research Conference,p.43, #PS.5, S.18,A.
  3. Nixon RA, Cataldo AM, Mathews PM, Mohan P, Golomb J. (1998) Abnormalities of the endosomal-lysosomal system in Alzheimer’s disease as potential therapeutic targets.  Sixth International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease,19:S136 (#573).
  4. Mohan, P.S. Terio, N., Achilleos,M., and Nixon, R. A. (1999) Calpain modulates secretion of soluble APP in human retinoblastoma (Y-79) cells. Soc.Neurosci.Abstr. 25:1105.

Reviews, Books, and Book Chapters

  1. Spiro RG and Mohan PS: Biochemical exploration of the macromolecular organization of the glomerular basement membrane : Interrelationship of collagen, proteoglycan and glycoprotein components : in Renal Basement Membranes in Health and Disease (Price, R.G. and Hudson,B.G. eds.) pp.  II -23, Academic Press, London, 1987. [no abstract available]
  2. Nixon RA, Saito KI, Mohan PS, Grynspan F, Griffin BG, and Katayama S.: Calpains in Alzheimers disease and other neurodegenerative states. Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci.U.S.A. 747: 77-91,1995. [no abstract available]
  3. Nixon, R.A.,and Mohan, P.S. Calpains in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease in Pharmacology and Toxicology of calcium dependent protease (Wang, K.K.W. and Yuens. Eds.) pp.267-291, Taylor and Francis, Inc., 1999. [no abstract available]
  4. Nixon RA, Mathews PM, Cataldo AC, Mohan PS, Scmidt SD, Duff K, Berg M, Marks N,Peterhoff C,and Sershen H. In Vivo erturbation of lysosomal function promotes neurodegeneration in the PS1M146V/APPK670N, M671L mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease pathology (Iqbal K, Sisodia SS, and Winblad B eds) John Wiley & Sons 2001. [no abstract available]

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