Sept 3

Gary E. Gibson, PhD, Weill Cornell Medical College
"Are plaques and tangles downstream of mitochondria in Alzheimer's disease? Why it matters.

Sept 14

Fabrizio Tagliavini, MD, Neurological Institute "Carlo Besta" (Milano, Italy)
"Novel Approach to Alzheimer disease therapeutics based on a natural variant of A-beta that hinders amyloidogenesis"

Oct 15

Jorge Palop, PhD, Gladstone Institute, University of California
Talk title: TBD

Oct 22

Peter Lobel, PhD, Rutgers University
"Lysosomal proteomics and neurodegenerative diseases"

Oct 29

Nikolaos Robakis, PhD, New York Univerity Langone Medical Center
"Impact of presenilin-receptor interaction on neuronal function and survival"

Nov 19

Catherine E. Myers, PhD, Rutgers University
Talk title: TBD

Dec 3

Efrat Levy, PhD, Nathan Kline Institute
"Brain exosomes: pathogenic or protective?"


Jan 7

Helen Scharfman, PhD, Nathan Kline Institute
Talk title: TBD

Feb 25

Dara Dickstein, PhD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Talk title: TBD

Feb 25

Dani Brunner, PhD, Early Signal Foundation
"Robust preclinical model validation and drug screening"

Mar 17

Linda Van Eldik, PhD, Univerity of Kentucky
Talk title: TBD

Apr 7

TO BE RESCHEDULED: Ann Marie Schmidt, MD, New York University Langone Medical Center
Talk title: TBD

Apr 21

Nigel Greig, PhD, National Institutes of Health
Talk title: TBD

Apr 28

Jean-Pierre Julien, PhD, Laval University
Talk title: TBD

May 19

Joanna Jankowsky, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine
Talk title: TBD


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